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 Video games

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PostSubject: Video games   Fri Oct 03, 2008 4:17 pm

Now that summer's dry spell is ending. There are an increasing amount of video games that are catching my eye. However, the people here aren't usually well informed about such stuff. Ive been looking on the internet but I'm thinking I might need other perspective. So I ask you guys, do you have any good info concerning the following video games?

Fallout 3
Diablo 3

Ill kick things off by what I know. Sad to say Fallout 3 is somewhat of a mystery to me. From what I've seen it basically looks like oblivion modded with fallout names such as pipboy and mutants. Considering this one is nearing its release, and I am vastly interested in it since I love the series, I was wondering what all you think about what you have heard.

Secondly warhammer. Under normal conditions I would have just dismissed this game as yet another MMO i shouldnt play cause i would have myself thinking "gee, i wish this was like wow." However I've been hearing very good things about it from James, Tyler, and Frodo. Sounds to me like its basically wow in a nutshell with slightly different classes and different pvp setup. Though I was wondering if you guys knew more.

Lastly Diablo 3. The saddest damned part about where I am right now is that for another few months I cant watch streaming video. Which means I've missed out on the videos that show this game. Being a big fan of Diablo 2 (as in im still playing it) I am very anxious. Although I've heard a lot of people complain that it is basically looking like wow, but single player. Kinda like a first person port for the franchise (like fallout 3 is).

Sadly one of my best sources for games right now is zero punctuation. Although he doesnt review games till after they are out yet... Still I have found his reviews to be very very true in most cases. (especially since I recently played halo 3 and agreed verbatim with his sarcastic review)

So what do ye land lubbers hear on the wind? Or, download from the net in this case.

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PostSubject: Re: Video games   Sat Oct 04, 2008 12:47 am

I'll give you the short answer on each of the games:

Fallout 3 (Oct. 28 )- Oblivion with guns and more (and without all the crap that made Oblivion suck). Its going to be fucking awesome, don't miss it. I already pre-ordered a collector's edition from Amazon.

Check out this: Video

Warhammer (Already released) - Yet another WoW clone, but different. Steve has it and it looks interesting (mainly because I played the tabletop game) Also leveling up purely through PvP is a viable option. I'm staying away only because I believe MMOs are bad mojo.

Diablo 3 (TBA or I haven't heard) - Seen bits and pieces, but honestly I'm not terribly interested (Didn't play any previous Diablo games, so sue me) If you like the series it'll probably be good (I mean its Blizzard for fucks sake)

Also some other games to keep an eye on:

Left 4 Dead (Nov. 20)- Awesome looking 4 player co-op zombie survival shooter from Valve (the guys who made half life and all that jazz) A big emphasis on teamwork and lots of randomly generated content (read as: replayability) Definitely picking this one up. (Also: no shooter experience required, it just makes it that much scarier)

Links: Web site and Video

Far Cry 2 (Oct. 25) - More of a hardcore shooter, but a bit like GTA in that you have a large persistent world to play in. Plus great AI and fire physics that allow you to set huge brush fires are big pluses. May not be for you, but its going to be big.

Links: AI Video and Cool effects (including fire!)

That's about all I can think of at the moment.
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Video games
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