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 Merrilyn Courville

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Name: Merrilyn Courville
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PostSubject: Merrilyn Courville   Tue Mar 04, 2008 1:41 pm


Merrilyn has the appearance of a human female in her mid twenties. She has brown hair, green eyes, fair skin, and a strong muscular body for a 5’7” frame. There is a sort of aloofness about her that is hard to place, but there is no question of the confidence that emanates at first glance.


A child by immortal standards and of mixed mortality parents (her father was an angel and her mother was human) her talents are just beginning to blossom. She spent all of the early years of her life studying martial arts under her father, who is a highly respected teacher in the immortal realm. Her talents have been tempered to only to defend others. With the early teachings mastered, she has been sent to the moral realms to get an understanding of her human roots while not interfering in their affairs. Her hopes are to return with a better understanding and the abilities she has been graced while awaking those powers to their full potential.


Nullification: the talents of the Courville Family’s martial arts are centered on preventing opponents from using their offensive powers while subduing them to a point where all desire to fight has been eliminated and dialogue can be opened. However, her oath she took at the start of her training prevents her from ever using this attack unless she is using it to protect herself or others from violence after being attacked first.

[In game mechanics, after a successful attack, the target must make a save or all abilities (not skills) will be reduced by the number of dice equal to the number of ranks of the power (currently 2), to a minimum of 0 ranks, for 1 minute. Subsequent attacks do not reduce it further, but a failed save will reset the timer.]
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Merrilyn Courville
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